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Our crew at Shanti ToyaOur crew at Shanti Toya

Meet Us

Shanti Toya exists to help you reconnect with your inner self

About Shanti Toya

In a world often filled with chaos and stress, we aspire to be an oasis of peace. Our retreat is designed to offer a respite from the demands of daily life, allowing you to disconnect from the external noise and find harmony within.

We are dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging for everyone who crosses our threshold. Regardless of your background, beliefs, or experiences, Shanti Toya is a place where you are welcomed with open hearts and open minds. Our diverse community of guests and staff creates an environment of acceptance and understanding.

Yoga, with its rich history and transformative potential, is at the heart of our mission. The Balinese vibes, infused with spiritual energy and cultural warmth, provide a unique backdrop for self-discovery and growth.

Yoga lessonYoga lesson
Our crewOur crew

Our Mission: Fostering Peace, Acceptance, and Transformation

At Shanti Toya Yoga, our mission is to create a haven of serenity and acceptance, where every individual feels cherished, cared for, and welcomed.

We firmly believe that the synergy of a tranquil atmosphere, the practice of yoga, and the nurturing energy of Balinese culture can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and healing.

Our Team

Madhuri Pradnya at shanti toya practicing yogaMadhuri Pradnya at shanti toya practicing yoga

Madhuri Pradnya

Founder and visiting teacher

Ni Kadek Artuti Pradnya (Madhuri Rasika Devi Dasi) has an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance instructor certification with Yoga Arts School. She completed 100 hours certification with Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh India and 100 hours Yin Yoga instructor certification with Bali Yoga Teacher School. Since 2012 Pradnya has been studying Buddhi Yoga and Bhakti Yoga with Jani Jaatinen (Mahayogi Gokulacandra Das) and completed 500 hours yoga teacher certification.

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Ary teaching yoga at one of shanti toya's yoga retreatAry teaching yoga at one of shanti toya's yoga retreat

I Ketut Aryantha

Manager and Yoga teacher at Shanti Toya

Ary was born into a Balinese healers family and practised yoga from a young age with his yogi sister, Pradnya, and father. He graduated from the 200-hour TTC at the School of Sacred Arts in Ubud in 2012. Since then, he’s been teaching every day. In 2013 – 2015, Ary studied yoga with Jani Jaatinen (Mahayogi Gokulacandra Das). Ary teaches Hatha (asana, pranayama, meditation) and Vinyasa yoga. His traditional approach to yoga helps people understand its roots and value. He encourages people to establish their own practice by giving them appropriate tools, wisdom, and skills.

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Wayan practicing yogaWayan practicing yoga

I Wayan Sudira

Yoga teacher at Shanti Toya

Born in Tabanan, Bali, on November 27th, 1960. He first encountered Yoga in 2005. Then, after studying with Indonesian teachers, he started to teach in 2012 at Seger Oger, a social yoga community in Denpasar, Bali. He obtained an international certificate in 2014 after completing a 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali and a Gokul Hatha 200h Yoga Teacher Training in 2019.

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I Wayan Suwitra teaching yoga at one of shanti toya's yoga retreatI Wayan Suwitra teaching yoga at one of shanti toya's yoga retreat

I Wayan Suwitra

Yoga teacher at Shanti Toya

Wayan Suwitra was born and raised in Gianyar. He is certified by KRI (Kundalini Yoga Research Institute) as taught by Yogi Bhajan, an Aquarian teacher. Wayan is also a Sound Healing Therapist, certified by International Association of Sound Healing. Since he devoted his life to Yoga, Meditation, Healing, he has studied with Balinese and European Masters who opened his mind, heart and awareness to a deeper understanding of Yoga and Healing.

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Ayu Injol

Yoga teacher at Shanti Toya

Gusti Ayu Dwi Indrayani, called Ayu InJol, was born in Bangli.

Since 2014 Ayu has devoted her life to yoga. She has studied various types of Yoga with Balinese and European Masters, including Slamet Riyanto, Yin Yoga World, Chakra Sadhana Yoga and others!

Ayu also leads Sound Healing sessions, for which she was prepared by Singing Bowl Workshop Level 1 and 2 by Adeline Windy (Singing Bowl Indonesia). Ayu's enthusiasm for learning led her to re-enter yoga training at Yoga Mantra School for 200 hours with an Alliance certificate.

Ayu often teaches at several hotels & yoga communities in Bali.

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Ita in a yoga pose on a shore of a lake.Ita in a yoga pose on a shore of a lake.


Yoga teacher at Shanti Toya

Ita is teaching yoga since 2016. Her favorite styles are Hatha, restorative and Yin.

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Ngurah in a yoga poseNgurah in a yoga pose


Yoga Teacher at Shanti Toya

Ngurah is teaching since 2004. His favorite styles are Hatha, Vinyasa, Power and Yin.

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image from Shanti Toya space used as a background imageimage from Shanti Toya space used as a background image

After a wonderful experience in 2017 I decided to come back and experience the magic of this yoga retreat once more. And i’m so happy i did! The daily very good yogaclasses, the amazing food, very kind staff, interesting activities, massages and offcourse the most beautiful swimmingpool. I enjoyed all of it!

Georgia WGeorgia WGeorgia W

This week was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. The teachers were incredible, the food was great, I learnt so much and improved my practice, the classes were also a lot of fun. Everyone is so friendly and I had the best time with my group. I couldn’t have wished for more. If you’re thinking of booking, know that it’s not a decision you’ll regret ! Thank you to the incredible team, I’ll 100% return.

Anna VAnna VAnna V

Shanti Toya is an amazing hidden gem. I had such a magical, inspiring, peaceful and nourishing week there surround by wonderful people. The food is delicious and the surroundings are stunning. The teachers and all the crew at Shanti Toya are kind, helpful and brilliant at what they do. If you want to experience authentic, natural beautiful Bali away from the tourist hustle and bustle then this is the place for you. I can’t wait to return.


This place is better than any rehab, hospital, meds, therapy, diet or anything you could possibly ever try for improving your mental health. It is healing in its purest most gentle form. I was the best version of myself that I have ever been when there. It changed my life forever, please go.

Lasma CLasma CLasma C

Shanti Toya is incredible place! I was looking for yoga retreat and found so much more! ♥️ There are yoga classes 2x a day with various instructors and various yoga styles which gives a deep understanding about yoga and the teachers are helping to reach higher understanding of Yoga itself. The place is surrounded by beautiful greens, it’s like a hidden gem, there are no noises besides from the nature, which is amazing 😻 The rooms are quite basic but that gives extra touch as we are not there for physical pleasure but rather (...)


I spent a week in this beautiful ashram and everything was simply perfect. The location is quiet and peaceful, yoga classes were excellent and the food was delicious. Hosts were very welcoming! It seems like people who come there are also very special, kind and friendly. I made lots of friends. I really had a great time and learned a lot! Can’t wait to return ❤️

Corey RCorey RCorey R

This was literally my first yoga retreat experience in my LIFE and I couldn’t of asked for a better first intro. From the food, to the staff, to the rooms, the pool and the setting, everything was amazing. I really loved how they immersed us into the culture, we got to make jamu and learned how to make offerings. I felt like I was part of the family even after just a few hours being that and I got to make a life long “brother” after meeting a Widi. Can’t wait to go back again and visit when I’m in Bali in 2021! 😍

Meredith GMeredith GMeredith G

This place was exactly what I needed! Would highly recommend. Kalina and the staff are so genuinely kind and welcoming. The yoga is fantastic. The food is is all vegan and so delicious. The scenery is so beautiful and serene, the perfect place for meditation, healing, and relaxation. I got to do and see so much as well as learn so much about Balinese culture. I also met some incredible like minded people which I think made the entire experience. No one was was cliquey or gossipy, everyone got along with one another and it was just all good vibes.

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One of our certified Yoga Teacher at Shanti ToyaOne of our certified Yoga Teacher at Shanti Toya